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21 hours ago

Auchteralyth Steadings

This is a great idea for dogs who wouldn't normally get to run free, for all sorts of reasons. And in Perthshire. Great for our guests who come to our steading with dogs. Will recommend.Fabulous review of Mutt’s O’ Muckhart, a private dog field in Perthshire! ❤️🐶🐾

‘Spud and buddy have just been to mutts o’muckart to meet with there friends from big licks dog walking! It’s a complete secure field which is great for dogs that don’t get the chance to be off lead! We met 2 rescue greyhounds that had never been off lead before and they had a ball! Lady one of the greyhounds took a shine to spud he loved to be chased and she loved to chase 😍 it was a great day!’

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4 days ago

Auchteralyth Steadings

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These lovely ladies provide our guests with fresh free-range eggs. They have a really beautiful view and a wide ranging area to explore. #tastyeggs #freerange #holidaylet #dogfriendly #steading #selfcateting ...

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Today we welcomed the Halley family. The lucky winners of the 12 days of Christmas raffle, organised by Toby's Magical Journey A fantastic charity which supports local children & young people with cancer. Toby is a young lad with a huge heart. He and his incredible family have taken their own experience and created a fantastic charity. They not only raise funds, but offer guidance and support where needed. Please visit tobysmagicaljourney.co.uk/index.html and if you can donate or assist in anyway, please do.
Toby's Magical Journey is the brainchild of Toby Etheridge who in December 2014 aged 9 was diagnosed with Leukaemia.
Now aged 12 he has raised over £50,000 for local children & young people across Scotland suffering from cancer.
Toby's drive and determination to beat cancer and show others like him that life living with with cancer is not all doom and gloom and you can overcome cancer.

Funds raised by Toby's Magical Journey are used to provide practical support to others as well as offering advice & support for families in the same situation.

Auchteralyth are proud supporters of this charity, we hope your introduction to Toby and his family will help spread awareness too. Thank you <3

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1 month ago

Auchteralyth Steadings

We offer these in all of our holiday cottages. They are peace of mind and great for potential minor issues whilst away from home. We love these types of kit. We also provide local vet contact details should you need. Happy pets mean happy holidays.Today while we were at Tay Valley Vets we picked up a Pet First Aid Kit!

As we go away so much with Baxter we thought this would be a good thing to pack the kit in his bag just incase (touch wood we never do!) he ever needs patched up before we can get him veterinary treatment.

It contains dressing pads, gauze swabs, sterile saline, 3 different types of bandage for dressing wounds, gloves and a tick remover.

I’m also now trained in animal first aid so will make sure I also have this at any of our doggy events too to be on the safe side.

The Pet First Aid Kit only costs £10 and comes with instructions on how to properly dress a wound and clean them. The kits shouldn’t be a substitute for getting your dog seen by a vet but could come in very handy for temporarily treating a wound ❤️

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Visit Scotland Quality Award – Five Stars Again for The Steadings

I travel with my dogs frequently so I have a very good idea of what sometimes awaits us when we take our dogs on holiday. As owner of The Steadings, I try to make sure that having dogs doesn’t mean guests have to accept inferior accommodation!  
Each year an eagle eyed quality assurance inspector from Visit Scotland visits to check on what you can expect to find at The Steadings. The criteria are incredibly strict and we’re very pleased to have been awarded five stars again for the coming year.  If you’d like to read the detailed ratings, just click on the five star logo below.
As we were also among the six finalists of the Paws for a Break Award last year,  even our dog  guests must want to give us five stars!!

Next year, we’re aiming for six!!!


Visit from RBG team

We had an unexpected but lovely visit from the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh team. We have a rare plant growing in our area and they came along to study ways of rescuing the species. A fascinating article has been written about it.